A presentation of our final results of our etwinning project “Knitting our common european future with the threads of our national cultures!” Congratulate us!

We proudly announce you the end of our etwinning project and present you the final results of a great etwinning project we’ve finished with our fascinated partners of our hearts, the teachers and students of Greece, French, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland and Spain. Here we show you step by step all our activities :

a. We started this etwinning project with a democratic discussion and we reached to main decisions.

b. We’ve created interschool working groups on :

  • Bases, Conditions, Welfare
  • Definition of the European Future and communicating he results of our discussions
  • Project presentations with results
  • Project presentations with results
  • Project presentations with interschool groups


A. Here we present you our final results of our project! Enjoy!

a. We tried to create an interactive e-tourist guide with beauties, history, traditional life, culture of our towns. Due to having cover an extremely serious and huge at size work we preferred to make every school for its town its own guide to have the opportunity to show the importance of our work and our town’s civilization and offer to our common european future with respect to each national tradition. We tried to show our :

  • High Living standards
  • Cultural expression of European Ideal based on the mumanitarian values and human rights.
  • Ethics making a coherent ethical, multifaceted to change personality will act in
  • The reality in to ” good living ”
    • freedom
    • justice
    • equality
    • respect
    • human rights of life, property, education, politics, economics etc

b.  It’s used an implementation of the proposed activities with the use of the proposed tools :

  • thinglink
  • mindmaps
  • google.maps
  • google.docs
  • google. presentations
  • virtual tours
  • activities
  • interviews
  • trips
  • e-books

c. We’ve created international groups where we’ve worked on creations of website virtual museums, e-books with all tourist guides, creation on line posters, blogs with :

  • recipes
  • attractions
  • references to :
    • economics
    • politics
    • religions
    • arts
    • special persons
    • culture

B. As an introduction to our project we’ve created the follow youtube videos :

a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB8H1DZ7gRA

b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azk3BH3rxSo

c. https://www.youtube.com/embed/o0cA5Xn27lo%E2%80%9C>

C. So here are our e-books with our e-tourist guides of all our school’s town.

First, we’ve created a common e-tourist guide, with the whole material except Spain and Turkey. We took it as example as it ‘s made us think it was so huge indeed.

http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=584843&check=b4e89bac1790a4630210aff2ab9b001e. So we decided to create and present you every school its own e-books with its e-tourist guide.


a. Kalymnos tourist e-guide

i. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=621530

ii. https://issuu.com/panoumaria/docs/kalymnos__its_beauties_and_culture_?e=1 

iii. videos : a. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lzRwYQNjBg

                   b. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhpOO4WdPuc

b. Unique corners in Valladolid (Spain) on ISSUU

i. https://issuu.com/aarg/docs/uniquecorners_spain?e=1062917/33445100

c. The students of the 4th Secondary School present their work

i. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=601370

ii. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=601308

iii. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=601878

iv. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=el&authuser=0&mid=zmvOkVJFarh8.kjnDvH5awTBI

v. https://twinspace.etwinning.net/8747/pages/page/48315

d. The students of the Büyükçiğli İlkokulu, Izmir

i. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=605989

e. Bielsko-Biala, Poland – Subjective Guidebook to our city and region 

i. https://issuu.com/magdabr/docs/projekt_edukacyjny_issuu_final/1

f. Monastyryshche, Ukraine

i. http://www.bookemon.com/book_read_flip.php?book_id=584843&check=b4e89bac1790a4630210aff2ab9b001e

ii. http://www.easel.ly/index/embedFrame/easel/2794953

D. Other pages connected to our project are these about : 

a. Traditional architecture


b. Customs and Traditions


c. Sports in our town


dThe Occupations in Ancient Years


e. Religion

i. https://twinspace.etwinning.net/8747/pages/page/73966

ii. https://twinspace.etwinning.net/8747/pages/page/67133

f. National and popular food


g. Museums of our towns


E. We’ve discussed as thinkable persons our serious problems at our towns and we’ve made our suggestions, our critical view and presented it at this page :

Serious Problems of our town

  1. https://twinspace.etwinning.net/8747/pages/page/99222
  2. http://mariapanou.edu.glogster.com/refugees-song/


  1. https://tackk.com/c69wwu

F. Finally, we’ve made many activities helping us to communicate between us.

i. We ‘ve created groups at Facebook, we’ve made discussion at titanpad, we’ve sent each other surprise culture mail boxes with material of our towns, maps, guides, traditional products of our towns. We had the chance to make conferences at google hangouts, at skype, and discuss our opinions, suggestions and works. You can find them at our projects’ diary at twinspace, here :


ii. We also must refer on wonderful posters Turkey’s school has created as you can see here!

iii. Also, we’ve published at our facebook page our school celebrations we’ve made referrings to our “Knitting” project. Here:  https://www.facebook.com/knitting4commonfuture/

iv. Next to them you can see our Project’s Diary here :

a) https://tackk.com/vlwqbx, b) https://tackk.com/p5sbu4, c) https://tackk.com/c69wwu

v. We have asked the national quality label for our etwinning project and you can use this article to have an idea about what we can offer to be worth for it. Here is the document :

Final article announcement of the end of knitting project

We’ve made it a little impressive e-book to be more easy to read it :

vi. As a gift we give you our video with our most important works of this project :

Our students’ opinions as they made at forum of twinspace, at “final results of our project” are put here :

We also want to thank by heart Mr. Panagiotis Charamis, Merchant of Sea Spongues who kindly donate us the spongues for our surprise culture boxes we sent to our friends and partners.

As it’s time to close our project we are full of different feelings, glad we’ve finished a very reach project and sorrow because we shall lost our communication for a while. We thank you all our partners of the bottom of our hearts and ensure you that you are our best friends. We are gratefull for so much knowledge we’ve earned with all the works we have all offer to this project. We wish you connect us to a next etwinning project. Bye!



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